Home security alarms from HSS Security Solutions 615-444-1400

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Keep Burglars Out
Home security alarms are necessary if you hope to keep your home as secure as possible. Anything can happen, even in the most affluent of neighborhoods. People break into homes all the time, and the thieves that break into homes love to target those with no alarm systems. That’s why it’s so important to not only install a home security alarm in your house but also to put up all the decals and signs that go along with it. When a burglar sees that you have a home security alarm installed on your property, it will usually cause him or her to select another home.

Choose Your Company
When trying to decide which company to go with to have your home security alarm installed, pay special attention not only to price but also to features. You should ask about alarms, code boxes, alerting services, where the company will call you if something does happen to your home, and so on. These are very important questions as you want to go with the company that provides the most services for your money. When you’ve chosen your company, call a representative and have them come out to survey your home. The rep will then give you a report, usually what services would be best for your home and how much they cost. When you’ve chosen the home security alarm that’s best for you, they will get to work installing it in your home.

Code Boxes
Most home security alarm systems come with a code box that is typically situated next to the door. This is where you put in your code that will arm and disarm the system. When you leave your home, you must put in the code so that the house is secure. If someone breaks in and they don’t know the code, the alarm will go off. The security company will be alerted and they will alert you and they will also call the police. This is of great help since the police will be able to secure your home even when you’re not there. That means that you could be out of town when someone breaks in and the police could be alerted and at your house in seconds.

Installing a home security alarm system in your home is the best thing you can do for your safety and for your family’s safety. Your home is your kingdom, and thus you should keep it as safe and secure as possible and you can do that with a home security alarm from HSS security Solutions Call today for a free Security Evaluation 615-444-1400

Introducing HSS Security Traffic Count, Apple® Touch ID for User Code, and More for the Virtual Keypad App™

May 5, 2015 Comments Off on Introducing HSS Security Traffic Count, Apple® Touch ID for User Code, and More for the Virtual Keypad App™

HSS Security Solutions is raising the bar on alarm system remote control with the latest Virtual Keypad App Version 4.5 available in the App Store and Version 4.4 available in the Google Play Store. This release includes a number of new exciting features that will benefit both commercial and residential Virtual Keypad App users giving you so many more reasons to incur Recurring Monthly Revenue.  

The Traffic Count feature provides you with valuable analytics for retail or other business that relies on foot traffic. Provide audit details for loss prevention purposes, or just know how many customers you get on weekdays versus weekends. All this information in the palm of your customers hand. Traffic Count works by keeping track of the number of trips a zone programmed for traffic count gets during the disarmed period. Install a beam detector to count people walking down a hallway, or just use the front door contact to record the number of enters and exits a day. The Traffic Count menu is enabled from the vk.securecomwireless.com website. Users may program up to 10 traffic count zones in XT, XTL or XR panels.  Easy to view analytics offers the ability to compare daily traffic to previous day, week, month, 3 months or 6 months.

Apple Touch ID is now available offering fingerprint ID as a password to the DMP Virtual Keypad App compatible with iOS8 and above. This Touch ID feature in the Virtual Keypad App follows the standard Touch ID rules after three attempts, users are given the option to enter a passcode, as well as when the phone or device is restarted or if more than 48 hours have elapsed since unlocking the device.

Tech-savvy end-users can use their Apple or Android smart watch to view Virtual Keypad App notifications as well as respond to the DMP Smart Arming Reminders.

The Virtual Keypad App is downloaded to a smart phone or mobile device. It provides all the functions of the security system keypad right on the mobile device.

To learn more about the new HSS Virtual Keypad call us today for a free security evaluation 615-444-1400

Buying a Tennessee Home Security Alarm System

December 19, 2014 Comments Off on Buying a Tennessee Home Security Alarm System

Buying a Tennessee Home Security Alarm System

There are a few things that you need to be aware of before buying a Tennessee home security alarm system, so that you can be informed and knowledgeable and make the most intelligent decision. The first thing you want to learn about is what is included in a basic security system.

For the most part all basic home security alarm systems include exterior door sensors, window sensors and an alarm control panel with a touchpad. However you can also add as many features and qualities as you want, such as glass break sensors, which respond when a picture window or other glass that is not designed to be opened is opened, motion detectors which will trip the alarm when any movement is detected in the monitored areas.

You can also add temperature sensors, which will respond to any changes that exceed the present temperature settings, such as during a fire or air conditioner failure, for instance.

The Cost

The cost of a Tennessee home security alarm system is going to vary depending on what company you go to, which system you purchase, and what features you get added on. Typically however a quality home security alarm system will cost you anywhere from $300 to thousands of dollars.

A monitored system is one which provides an extra level of protection, as it is wired in to the security system company, so that if anything were to ever go wrong they would be contacted automatically through the system and you would be able to speak to them. This is also a great option because if your alarm sounds and they do not receive a response from you notifying them that it was an accident, then they will contact the police. This would be critical in the case of a break in, for instance, where you may not be able to get out and reach the phone.

As well with a Tennessee home security alarm system you are going to want to consider the option of going wireless, with the main advantage of a wireless system being that the installation is so incredibly easy. You can place the components of the system basically anywhere on the premises, and you do not have to worry about drilling any holes or running any wires.

However there is the downfall to wireless systems which is that they are often prone to interference, either because of the building’s construction or due to other components in or around the house itself.

To learn more about how you can get a Tennessee Home security alarm System Contact HSS Security Solutions Today…615-444-1400

Lebanon, Tennessee’s HSS Security Solutions Joins Verified Safe Network

October 7, 2014 Comments Off on Lebanon, Tennessee’s HSS Security Solutions Joins Verified Safe Network

verified safe networkBeing able to trust a business is one of the key factors that play into whether a customer chooses to spend their money with them or not. One proven way of helping establish this kind of trust is by using a third-party company to verify a business’ history.

The Verified Safe Network is an established and well respected resource for doing just that. Recently, the company was happy to announce that Lebanon, Tennessee’s HSS Security Solutions, specialists in home and business alarms and security systems, verified their company with the network and passed with flying colors. This is expected to be a win/win for both the company and the network raising awareness both of HSS Security Solutions’ exceptionally clean history, which is free of complaints and of the service offered by the Verified Safe Network.

“We can’t stress enough in this day and age of a consumer making sure they are doing business with companies they can trust,” commented Troy Williams from the Verified Safe Network. “It’s not enough anymore just to take a business’ word for which they are, and what they have done in the past. We’re providing our service to give that extra much needed security so that when you allow someone into your home or trust them with your personal information you can know that you have used every precaution possible.”

According to Verified Safe, things like identity and credit card theft are at an all time high and only growing. While verifying a company’s background doesn’t offer total security (nothing really does), it does offer much, much more security than doing nothing at all. For companies to be able to display the Verified Safe Network Seal on their website and elsewhere they need to pass through a background check launched by the company. This includes owners and employees passing through the very thorough screening at http://www.databaserecords.com.

The company is happy to state that HSS Security Solutions passed the Data Base Records screening with no problems at all.

HSS Security Solution’s are Lebanon, Tennessee’s leading alarm system experts. The company saw the need to become independently verified as safe, especially with the nature of their business, where trust is key between customer and security systems provider. The company had nothing but good remarks to say about their experience working with the Verify Safe Network.

All businesses that are approved by Verify Safe are automatically re-verified by the network’s technology every 90 days. Businesses that fail automatically have their Verified Safe Network Seal and other recognition removed, in the interest of protecting customers and remaining transparent.

Clearly, there are no very real tools to combat identity theft, scams, business on customer crime and other nightmares that are shown so often on the local and national news. And the Verified Safe Network is leading the way.

For more information be sure to visit http://certified.verified-safe.com/hsssecurity.net

Home Security Systems Tennessee Keeping Safe In Your Home – HSS Security Solutions

October 2, 2014 Comments Off on Home Security Systems Tennessee Keeping Safe In Your Home – HSS Security Solutions

Home Security Systems Tennessee– Keeping Safe In Your Home

It is not unusual to be concerned about the safety of your house and its valuable assets from the insatiable eyes of the thieves that can strike anytime in your house and rip you off leaving you sitting in an empty house. Be assured, since thinking about the safety of your house is nothing but natural and the best thing is that you can do a lot to protect your house in that respect. Just like you take care of your computer by installing the latest anti-viruses, anti-spywares and other firewalls, protecting your house from the burglars is no more different. It is important that you ask yourself some questions, which would help you to determine how safe your house is. They would include questions like whether you have ladders or any other tools that a thief could use to break into your house, whether you have any sort of alarm which could alert you of any possible break-in, etc. If all these questions point out that your house isn’t safe from the burglars, it is about time that you do something about it.

Firstly, you have got to remember that thieves would generally avoid those homes that are always occupied by residents. However, mistaking this fact to mean that you family would be safe could be the greatest mistake that you could have ever made. Burglars would stop from doing anything, which means that to get to the loot, they could even harm your family. However, you would be just as helpless when you have been robbed off your belongings when you are not there in your home at all. Now that you know about the risks that involve with respect to a burglary, it is important that you be aware of some common sense that could come a long way with respect to protecting your house as well as its valuable assets from any possible break-in and the best thing about these tips is that it is much more easier than the pain staking installation of the anti-viruses that you do in order to protect your computer systems from any virus threats.

Don’t forget the keys: Handing out the keys of your home even to your friends could be the biggest mistake that you may have ever done. It is important that every family member knows where exactly you keep your keys all the time so that you know what to do if any of them are missing. Never use those traditional techniques of hiding your keys under the mat or in a flower vase, since that’s exactly where the robber would look for them in the first place. And always keep separate key bunch such as for your home, for your car, etc.

Strangers beware: this may seem like the same advice that your mother always gave you when you were a child. Never let any stranger into your house come what may. It is important that you teach your kids to follow this advice all the time. If someone needs some help and asks if he or she wants to make a call, don’t let them in your house. You can make the phone call for them if they really are in any kind of trouble.

Keep your doors and windows locked all the time: This tip goes without sayings that in your absence, always keep your house locked, including your windows. This proves to be a great habit and it greatly reduces any chances of any break-ins. Locking the windows would also include locking the windows of your attic.

Don’t show off your valuables: Your house is your home and not a museum or a jewelry shop where you put up all the valuables on display. Doing this is only inviting unwanted attention from the criminals who lurk around your neighborhood looking for an opportunity to strike big.

The last tip and probably the most important one would be to remain alert all the time. Home security systems are a good investment and if you don’t already have one, go get one right away.

To learn more about home security systems Tennessee and how to keep your home safe with HSS Security Solutions call 615-444-1400

A Guide to Wireless Security Lebanon Tennessee – HSS Security Solutions

September 19, 2014 Comments Off on A Guide to Wireless Security Lebanon Tennessee – HSS Security Solutions

Wireless security lebanon tennessee is one of the most popular types of security systems to install in 2014.

There are tons of different security systems on the market today, making it more difficult and overwhelming for homeowners to be able to decide on the right type of system for them and for your home. After all there is nothing more important than the protection of your own family, and so it is really a necessity to have a high quality security system in your home.

There are different types of security systems you can choose from, with one of the most popular options being the wireless home security systems. These are definitely a fan favorite, because of all the advantages that they have to offer.

Advantages of Wireless Home Security Systems

One of the biggest advantages to wireless home security systems in lebanon tennessee is that they are incredibly easy to install. With most other systems you will generally have to get a professional to come in and do the job for you but the wireless systems are so simple and easy to follow that really anyone can do it.

You will save tremendous amounts of time and money on the installation, with a few exceptions of course, as most wireless systems can be installed within a matter of hours but if you go with a more complex model then it could take longer and thus cost you more money, especially if you do decide to have a professional install it.

As well the wireless home security systems are great because they are able to communicate readily over hundreds of feet without any difficulty, thus effectively doubling the size of the dragnet that you are able to employ. They are especially useful for homeowners of large properties because they let them create vast and effective networks quite literally out of thin air.

Distance is only one of the things that these wireless home security systems do well. They also are able to penetrate walls, building materials and other obstacles which might have caused a problem otherwise. As well with these systems you are not forced to rely on your home’s power in order for the security system to function. Although a number of traditional alarms use battery backup, the truth is that such emergency measures will only last so long before they are exhausted.

It is incredibly easy to see how beneficial and advantageous the wireless security lebanon tennessee systems are, and so if you are looking to install a system in your home, or even if you already have one and are looking to upgrade, then this is definitely the way you want to go.

Go With Who You Know Call HSS Security Solutions TODAY 615-444-1400


September 2, 2014 Comments Off on Welcome

Welcome to HSS, Inc. Security Solutions

We offer complete solutions for your home and office security against all catastrophies and threats.

With 1 burglary occurring every 14.6 seconds in the US, it’s never a surprise when you come home to find the window smashed and home ravaged. Shocking? Yes. Disturbing? Absolutely! But it’s not surprising.
HSS Inc provides home security systems in Lebanon, TN and across Middle Tennessee.
With video surveillance you can see exactly what occurs on your property when you aren’t there. Our security systems can alert you and authorities to threats ranging from fire to intruders. You can control entry to your property with our access control systems.

Remember, it does no good to be prepared for the worst if the worst has already happened.
You have several options for home/business security:
Intruder Alert – Stay safe in our own home – burglar alarm system, windows, doors, motion sensors, timed alarms, and alert authorities.
Video Surveillance – Keep track of your property and have video proof – digital video surveillance, wireless cameras, and offsite recording available.
Access Control – Access entry, access control, access cards, biometric readers, intercom systems, etc. The right security lets you protect your property from a variety of dangers.
Fire Security Systems – Detection systems, tempature monitoring, and fire alarms ensure you’re protected.
Additional Security Services – We offer many other services, including: temperature alerts, water detection, medical alerts, and pet protection.

Questions about protecting your home/business?
Call HHS Inc, today at 615-444-1400 or email us at service@hsssecurity.net. Browse our website for more information on how to keep your home/business safe with our products and services.

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