Commercial Mass Notification Systems

Commercial Mass Notification systems are used in commercial areas to alert people through concise, well-directed, and timely messages. A commercial mass notification can be beneficial for many different occasions, whether in medical facilities to notify doctors and nurses for code blue emergencies or for morning announcements at schools. A mass notification system is also used to notify the facility for an emergency situation if an intruder has breached the building. In the event of unfortunate circumstances such as fire or earthquake, the occupants of a building may need specific instructions whether they should or should evacuate the building or where to go. These are just a few of the many reasons why commercial mass notification systems are important in every healthcare facility, school, and business establishment.

An effective mass communication system should deliver the right message. It must be able to deliver event specific instructions whether live or pre-recorded, concise and accurate information and intelligible and coherent visual/voice message to the right people. Custom systems designed and created by experts like HSS Security Solutions are the best mass notification systems. Qualified, skilled, and reliable technicians can create a custom commercial mass notification system for your building to make sure that everyone in your facility is aware of an emergency message or important instruction that you give o them.

Through event-specific, concise, and timely audio and visual messages, the commercial mass notification solutions can deliver real-time information to the people in a site, building, or any geographical location and communication of what to do in a given situation. Custom mass communication solutions allow you to send life-saving instructions to a number of communication devices include indoor and outdoor speakers, sirens, text messaging, digital display signage, desktop alerts, voice calls, and email alerts. Mass notification solutions can help security professionals and emergency managers to deliver messages when needed.  Questions about commercial mass notification systems to protect your home/business? Call HHS Inc, today at 615-444-1400 or email us at

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