HSS Video Surveillance

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It’s an old truth: if 10 different people see an event, you get 10 different stores about what happened. Video surveillance takes human subjectivity out of the equation so all you are left with is the truth… on tape.

HSS can provide complete video surveillance of your property or concentrate cameras on key spots.You’re sure to get the coverage you need with our 25 years of experience installing video security systems.

People can forget, criminals can lie, but cameras can show you exactly what happened.

Keep an Eye on Your Property Even When You’re Away with the following services:


At HSS, our video surveillance solutions are customized for your needs.  We feature nonproprietary systems to record video and playback.  We can either connect to our existing network or create one for you.  Our systems can be viewed locally, over a PC, or on your smart phone.  HSS offers DNS services at low monthly rates.  This DNS service allows offsite viewing by a computer or smart phone using a standard broadband connection.  Let HSS custom design and install a camera system for you.

Digital video surveillance is a very quickly evolving technology.  As analog video solutions have become very affordable, much better systems are available using IP and megapixel solutions.  At HSS, we are keeping up with the latest on technology with IP solutions.  We can handle a small 4 camera system up to multiple site locations networked together for central management.


Questions about commercial video surveillance to protect your home/business? Call HHS Inc, today at 615-444-1400 or email us at service@hsssecurity.net.

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