Lebanon, Tennessee’s HSS Security Solutions Joins Verified Safe Network

October 7, 2014 Uncategorized Comments Off on Lebanon, Tennessee’s HSS Security Solutions Joins Verified Safe Network

verified safe networkBeing able to trust a business is one of the key factors that play into whether a customer chooses to spend their money with them or not. One proven way of helping establish this kind of trust is by using a third-party company to verify a business’ history.

The Verified Safe Network is an established and well respected resource for doing just that. Recently, the company was happy to announce that Lebanon, Tennessee’s HSS Security Solutions, specialists in home and business alarms and security systems, verified their company with the network and passed with flying colors. This is expected to be a win/win for both the company and the network raising awareness both of HSS Security Solutions’ exceptionally clean history, which is free of complaints and of the service offered by the Verified Safe Network.

“We can’t stress enough in this day and age of a consumer making sure they are doing business with companies they can trust,” commented Troy Williams from the Verified Safe Network. “It’s not enough anymore just to take a business’ word for which they are, and what they have done in the past. We’re providing our service to give that extra much needed security so that when you allow someone into your home or trust them with your personal information you can know that you have used every precaution possible.”

According to Verified Safe, things like identity and credit card theft are at an all time high and only growing. While verifying a company’s background doesn’t offer total security (nothing really does), it does offer much, much more security than doing nothing at all. For companies to be able to display the Verified Safe Network Seal on their website and elsewhere they need to pass through a background check launched by the company. This includes owners and employees passing through the very thorough screening at http://www.databaserecords.com.

The company is happy to state that HSS Security Solutions passed the Data Base Records screening with no problems at all.

HSS Security Solution’s are Lebanon, Tennessee’s leading alarm system experts. The company saw the need to become independently verified as safe, especially with the nature of their business, where trust is key between customer and security systems provider. The company had nothing but good remarks to say about their experience working with the Verify Safe Network.

All businesses that are approved by Verify Safe are automatically re-verified by the network’s technology every 90 days. Businesses that fail automatically have their Verified Safe Network Seal and other recognition removed, in the interest of protecting customers and remaining transparent.

Clearly, there are no very real tools to combat identity theft, scams, business on customer crime and other nightmares that are shown so often on the local and national news. And the Verified Safe Network is leading the way.

For more information be sure to visit http://certified.verified-safe.com/hsssecurity.net

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