Introducing HSS Security Traffic Count, Apple® Touch ID for User Code, and More for the Virtual Keypad App™

May 5, 2015 Uncategorized Comments Off on Introducing HSS Security Traffic Count, Apple® Touch ID for User Code, and More for the Virtual Keypad App™

HSS Security Solutions is raising the bar on alarm system remote control with the latest Virtual Keypad App Version 4.5 available in the App Store and Version 4.4 available in the Google Play Store. This release includes a number of new exciting features that will benefit both commercial and residential Virtual Keypad App users giving you so many more reasons to incur Recurring Monthly Revenue.  

The Traffic Count feature provides you with valuable analytics for retail or other business that relies on foot traffic. Provide audit details for loss prevention purposes, or just know how many customers you get on weekdays versus weekends. All this information in the palm of your customers hand. Traffic Count works by keeping track of the number of trips a zone programmed for traffic count gets during the disarmed period. Install a beam detector to count people walking down a hallway, or just use the front door contact to record the number of enters and exits a day. The Traffic Count menu is enabled from the website. Users may program up to 10 traffic count zones in XT, XTL or XR panels.  Easy to view analytics offers the ability to compare daily traffic to previous day, week, month, 3 months or 6 months.

Apple Touch ID is now available offering fingerprint ID as a password to the DMP Virtual Keypad App compatible with iOS8 and above. This Touch ID feature in the Virtual Keypad App follows the standard Touch ID rules after three attempts, users are given the option to enter a passcode, as well as when the phone or device is restarted or if more than 48 hours have elapsed since unlocking the device.

Tech-savvy end-users can use their Apple or Android smart watch to view Virtual Keypad App notifications as well as respond to the DMP Smart Arming Reminders.

The Virtual Keypad App is downloaded to a smart phone or mobile device. It provides all the functions of the security system keypad right on the mobile device.

To learn more about the new HSS Virtual Keypad call us today for a free security evaluation 615-444-1400

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