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Security is one of the first things a person considers before starting a business or moving to a new home. Access control is very important in business whether it is big or small. HSS security has specialized in different security systems to make sure your company or home is secure.


About HSS Security  Having been in the security for over 20 years, we have become one of the most trusted companies to take care of many people’s security needs. We have a wide range of clients from commercial to individuals. HSS security is also certified by the state of Tennessee to provide fire protection services to commercial and private buildings. They are able to monitor and detect smoke and connect to your sprinkler system.

We have kept with the latest technology in security systems and specialize in all forms of security services. Some of the security systems we provide are:

  1. Alarm Systems Have you ever had an intruder come into your home or business? You can trust us to put an alarm system in your home or place of business. In case someone tries to break in, the alarm will turn on and alert the police and you.
  2. Digital Video Surveillance The world is evolving and HSS security has quickly evolved from the analog technology to provide you with quality digital surveillance equipment for your home or your business. We are adequately equipped to provide you with any type of surveillance you need. We also provide split screen monitor surveillance. In addition, you can connect the video remotely to your smartphone or computer.
  3. Access Control This enables you to have control over who can gain entry into your building. You can choose any of the several access control equipment we provide. Among the equipment we install are: • Smart locks. • Barriers. • Suction pads • Turnstiles You are able to remotely control the access gates and your front door if you would like to. This way you are able to monitor who is coming and out of your building.
  4. Fire Protection Big and small fires have been known to completely change the lives of many people. We at HSS Security are able to provide you with fire protection services. We install heat detectors, smoke detectors, and even connect them to your sprinkler system. Apart from that, you can also get carbon monoxide detectors.
  5. Detectors HSS Security is equipped to provide high-quality detectors and sensors. Our equipment is of the highest quality and can be trusted. These detectors can be used anywhere. Also available are quality hand detectors. Importance Of Security Everyone wants to be in a place where they feel safe. Security is, therefore, very important and must be taken seriously. We at HSS Security understand the need for you to feel and be safe at all times. Some of the reasons why you should take your security serious are:
  • You save money. If your items are safe then there is a low risk that they can be stolen and then you have to incur the cost of replacing them.
  • In a company where employees feel safe, the production rate is high. So talk to us about how to ensure the safety of your employees.
  • Sometimes an intruder can even physically harm you. So make sure you secure your safety to prevent them from reaching you easily.
  • A small fire can easily erupt to cause more damage than you thought. Once we connect your detectors to sprinklers, you know that they will turn on and put off the fire before it grows big.
  • You have peace of mind when you are living in a safe environment. You can sleep soundly at night knowing HSS Security has taken all steps to keep you safe. In case you need repair or replacement of any security system, our trained technicians are available for you. We do a proper maintenance so that we can make sure the systems are operating well and that they are not tampered with. Contact us and ask about our special 20-year anniversary special package. We will give you a special package tailored exactly for your needs. Located in Lebanon, Tennessee, HSS Security serves residential, businesses, offices, hospitals, banks, schools, industries, government and non-profit organizations, and many more.

    Call us NOW at 615.444-1400 or email us at service@hsssecurity.net for any questions you might have on protecting your business and home with any of our reliable products. We are ready to give you the best service so Go with who you know..

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