Residential Security

HSS cares about our customers.  The competition has a one size fits all solution.  At HSS, we discuss your concerns and come up with a cost effective solution that will fit both your needs and budget.

HSS features Honeywell Security Products. We offer a DMP touchscreen with mobile control for most new residential installations.  This system can communicate over a regular phone line “POTS” internet connection or its own cellular dialer.  The communicators are a plug in device so they can be easily changed out as technology evolves.

Remember, it does no good to be prepared for the worst if the worst has already happened.
You have several options for residential security:

Intrusion Protection
HSS can provide a series of sensors, triggers, and alarms to let you know when someone has broken into your house/business whether you are peacefully asleep or busy at work.

Video Surveillance
At HSS, our video surveillance solutions are customized for your needs.  We feature nonproprietary systems to record video and playback…

Access Control
HSS has an access control solution for every situation.  Whether you need to remotely open your front door, control an access gate…

Fire Protection
HSS is certified by the State of Tennessee to provide fire protection devices.  We can monitor with smoke or heat detectors and even connect to your sprinkler system…

Questions about protecting your home?
Call HHS Inc, today at 615-444-1400 or email us at Browse our website for more information on how to keep your home safe with our products and services.

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