School Security Services

The School Security Wave Plus System provides a way for school administration and faculty to instantly call for help when there is an emergency by having wireless panic buttons in strategic locations around the school. In the event of an actual or perceived threat involving violence, a pre-recorded call for help is transmitted over the local law enforcement’s primary radio frequency (approval from the local police department is required). This will allow all officers monitoring their primary radio frequency to hear the alert in real time, rather than the time-consuming manner used by standard alarm systems which utilize a central station. Patrol cars, as well as officers in the police station, are notified within seconds to eliminate the lengthy delays associated with typical central station monitoring and dispatch procedures. This device eliminates the central station entirely. The Central Station can be utilized as a secondary redundant way to get the signal out to law enforcement.

Fixed position or mobile panic buttons can be provided in gymnasiums, classrooms, playgrounds, libraries, cafeterias, health services, administration offices, or anywhere else on a school campus. Security personnel can be automatically notified of the location of the emergency over the two-way radios that they may already carry. This improves response times dramatically at a time when seconds count. The system is almost completely wireless making installation and expansion fast and simple. The touchscreen on the front of the control panel makes it easy to add sensors and change messages or update the configuration of the Wave Plus.

There are many other applications for the Wave Plus, such as: monitoring building perimeter doors, monitoring interior rooms protecting sensitive or expensive equipment and providing a means to notify facilities or security of unauthorized access to restricted areas during and after school hours. Door and window contacts, pressure mats and motion sensors can be used to protect expensive equipment such as projectors, computers, printers, etc., or to notify security when there is unauthorized access to restricted areas during school hours, and afterwards. The Wave Plus can also send emails and text messages as secondary alarms to personnel who do not carry radios and be integrated with other security and building automation systems. Voice annunciation of alarms can be added to access control, hard-wired panic buttons, CCTV, fire alarm, backup generator, elevator, AED, and other systems.

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